The Settlement Solutions National Pooled Trust has been reviewed by the Social Security
    Administration and found to be in compliance with the requirements for a pooled trust under
    section 1917 (d)(4)(C) of the Act and the relevant provisions of the POMS.

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Settlement Solutions Medicare Set Aside Pooled Trust

For those eligible for Medicare Part A/B, eligibility can be lost without proper planning and a Medicare Set Aside put into place.  The Settlement Solutions Medicare Set Aside Pooled Trust is a pooled trust established pursuant to 42 U.S.C. §1396p(d)(4)(C) and 42 U.S.C. §1395y(b).

When a person suffers a physical injury and is a Medicare beneficiary or has a reasonable expectation of becoming one within 30 months, Medicare coverage for injury related care can be lost post settlement without a set aside.  Set asides are difficult to self-administer which is what led to the creation of the Settlement Solutions Medicare Set Aside Pooled Trust (SSMSAPT).  Most Medicare set aside administrators offer custodial arrangements which put a client’s money at risk in the event of insolvency of the administrator.  SSMSAPT is different since it is a trust arrangement that creates a fiduciary duty on the part of the trustee of the trust.  This means it can go in perpetuity even in the event the trustee can no longer serve as a new one is appointed.  Also, the SSMSAPT gives the trust beneficiary an experienced set aside administrator who can adjudicate bills and manage the intricacies of reporting to Medicare.

Rising Financial Solutions is the MSA administrator of the SSMSAPT.  Rising combines mastery in Medicare compliance, with sound financial management and a powerful medical cost containment program.  Rising’s  expertise is used in determining the appropriate reimbursement in medical charges to extend MSA funds to their fullest  potential, protect Medicare’s interests and extinguish liability for settlement parties.



Many of my clients have joined or have helped a family member join the Settlement Solutions National Pooled Trust. My experience working with this pooled trust has always been very positive.

Derek B. Alvarez, Tampa, FL

The Settlement Solutions National Pooled Trust are user friendly, fast, efficient and most importantly cost effective.

Anthony F. Diecidue, Esq., Tampa, FL

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