Fee Schedule

Our fees are by far among the lowest in the nation.  Compare us against other national pooled trusts and you will find that SSNPT offers tremendous value to its members.  

Our Fees Are as Follows:

One-time fee at inception of $500.00

Annual fee of one percent (1.5%) of the assets held in trust[a]

Retained assets at death are ten percent (10%) or ten thousand ($10,000.00) whichever is less.[b]

[a] Calculated as a percentage of the assets held in the trust and charged quarterly.  For example, if the balance in the trust at the beginning of the quarter is $100,000, then the fee for the quarter would be $375.00 (($100,000 X 1.5%)/4). It would be taken out each quarter in $375.00 increments. In addition to the 1% annual fee, investment fees may be incurred depending on the selected portfolio.

[b] At death, if the funds are sufficient to repay Medicaid and the client has elected to payback Medicaid instead of having the funds retained, then Medicaid is repaid and the 10% or $10,000 is retained by the trust.  The remainder is distributed to the trust beneficiary’s designated death beneficiary.  If the funds in the trust are insufficient to repay Medicaid, all funds are retained by the SSNPT.



Many of my clients have joined or have helped a family member join the Settlement Solutions National Pooled Trust. My experience working with this pooled trust has always been very positive.

Derek B. Alvarez, Tampa, FL

The Settlement Solutions National Pooled Trust are user friendly, fast, efficient and most importantly cost effective.

Anthony F. Diecidue, Esq., Tampa, FL

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