The SSNPT is a pooled special needs trust created pursuant to federal law [42 U.S.C. 1396p(d)(4)(C)].  SSNPT has been determined by the Social Security Administration to be in compliance with the requirements for a pooled trust under section 1917 (d)(4)(C) of the Act and the relevant provisions of the POMS.  Under federal law, a pooled special needs trust must be created and managed by a non-profit trustee.  SSNPT is managed by the Foundation for Those With Special Needs, Inc. (FTWSN) who acts as the trustee.

The founders of the Settlement Solutions National Pooled Trust are among the nation’s foremost leading experts on public benefit preservation techniques.  The staff at the Settlement Solutions National Pooled trust are made up of compassionate and dedicated individuals who want to genuinely help people such as yourself.

You most likely have been advised to consider creating a special needs trust because you are about to receive a settlement in a mass tort action or a personal physical injury suit. In order to protect eligibility for needs based public benefits such as SSI/Medicaid, a special needs trust should be considered.  While this is a difficult reality to face, turning your settlement over to a trustee of a special needs trust, it is what is required by federal/state law to remain eligible for needs based benefits. While this can be a difficult and painful decision to make, we are here to help you.

By placing your settlement monies in a pooled special needs trust, you can choose how to use the money for items and services you need/want.  The Settlement Solutions National Pooled Trust is committed to providing you with the best possible service, flexibility, compassion and understanding when it comes to administration of your pooled special needs trust.  Our mission is to treat every trust beneficiary with the dignity and respect they deserve. We are here to serve our beneficiaries and look forward to working with you, your family, your attorney and other professional advisors.



Many of my clients have joined or have helped a family member join the Settlement Solutions National Pooled Trust. My experience working with this pooled trust has always been very positive.

Derek B. Alvarez, Tampa, FL

The Settlement Solutions National Pooled Trust are user friendly, fast, efficient and most importantly cost effective.

Anthony F. Diecidue, Esq., Tampa, FL

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